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About The IDEA Lab

When the Bilby Research Center was established in 1981 as a centralized research facility, it was recognized that some resources required by all university researchers could be efficiently housed and provided by the NAU research division. It was a revolutionary idea at the time, and even now it is nearly unique among research universities nationally. While the kinds of services needed by NAU researchers have changed over time (the first services offered included typing and printing black-and-white photographs), the concept of a centralized research support team has proven to be a sound one.

Over the intervening years, we have added digital photography and illustration, videography, web site design, editing, production of e-books, and budget management - and we continue to try to anticipate the needs of researchers by adding new services to keep pace with the changing needs of research and creative activity at NAU.

A new name for a new time

The research support team at the Bilby Research Center (where we have been housed since 1981) changed its name to IDEA Lab in 2011 to place increased emphasis on the services we provide to university researchers. This acronym more adequately describes the creative and support services we can provide: imaging, design, editing, and administrative services.