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The IDEA Lab supports NAU research through the camera lens. Our award-winning imaging team can provide photography for your publications, posters, exhibits, reports, and websites.  We utilize state-of the-art techniques to capture, create, and enhance images.

Other services the IDEA Lab can offer include:


Original images

On location or in our studio, the IDEA Lab can take a picture of almost anything - from a wide landscape shot to the minutest microscopic image. We also have experience creating 360 degree object animations and virtual location tours.

web design

Imaging services

We offer a wide range of digital imaging services such as image enhancement, film and print scanning, layout and design, and professional preparation for web or print publication.

web design

Multispectral imaging

We have developed cutting-edge techniques to photograph outside the visible light spectrum--from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR). For example, our team photographed the Dublin Kephalaia (ancient papyrus pages) using multispectral techniques.

web design

Image as data

Photographs become part of the research. We can help with ideas, set-up, post-processing, and more. For example, the IDEA Lab developed techniques to help with lake-core analysis, lichen and soil crust growth, heart disease research, and astronomical research.

Contact Ryan Belnap (928) 523-7742 for more information.